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Recording and use of personal data
When you apply for jobs via this website, your personal data are recorded in the Albelli database. When you submit your application you agree to the possibility that you may be approached by our employees (by telephone or by e-mail) to list your interests or to bring to your attention other possible vacancies than the vacancy for which you have applied in the first instance. Albelli does not make your personal data available to third parties, nor send them to other corporate organisations without your permission. You may have your personal data removed from the Albelli database at any time by sending an e-mail request to hrm@albumprinter.com.

Intellectual property rights
The rights, including those of intellectual property, relating to this website and parts of it – including the texts, illustrations, design, databases, photographs, videos and other (still and/or moving) visual matter, sound matter, formats, software (further referred to as: ‘the Content’) – rest with Albelli or its licensors.
You may use the Content for personal and non-commercial purposes in accordance with the statutory provisions relating to intellectual property rights. Any other use of the website and its Content is not permitted without Albelli’s prior written permission.

Purpose of the website
The Content found on this website is made available solely for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as a commercial offer, a licence or an advisory, confidential or professional relationship between you and Albelli. The Content of this site must not be regarded as a substitute for your independent investigation.

Guarantee and liability
The Content on this website is provided “as is” and without any guarantee, insofar as permitted under the applicable legislation. Although Albelli will do everything reasonable to supply reliable Content via this website, Albelli does not guarantee that this website is free from inaccuracies, errors and/or omissions, viruses, worms, Trojan horses or similar, or that the Content on this website lends itself to your specific use or is up-to-date. Albelli reserves the right to alter the Content at any time without notice. Albelli gives no guarantee for any result obtained through the use of any part of the Content of this website. You are solely responsible for the use of this information. The Content on this site is not an extension or adaptation of any guarantee applicable to you as a consequence of a contractual relationship with Albelli. Albelli is not liable for indirect, consequential or additional loss, including but not limited to, loss of profit or loss of income, interruption of business operations and/or loss of data as a consequence of, or in connection with, the use, the inability to use, or the use of the Content on this site as a starting point or a linked site. In any event the liability of Albelli for direct loss as a consequence of or in connection with the use, the inability to use or the use of the Content on this site as a starting point or a linked site shall not amount to more than EUR 1,000 (one thousand euros).

Data protection – cookies 
We may need certain personal data, such as your name, private address or business address, e-mail address and telephone number(s). This information will be sent to our employees via our intranet or in another suitable manner and be accessible via the Albelli database. Such information may be copied, used and stored by the relevant representative of Albelli, in accordance with the legislation in the field of data protection, but will not be disclosed to third parties, unless this is required by law, is required by the judicial authorities or is expressly permitted by you.
We hereby inform you of the fact that you have the right to inspect and correct the data registered about yourself. If you wish to exercise this right, you can contact hrm@albumprinter.com. Use is made of ‘cookies’ on this site to record the internet traffic of users. A cookie is a data element that can be sent by a website to your browser, after which it can be stored by your browser in your system. These cookies serve to help you find the desired information and to adapt your visit to the website to your individual preferences. You can choose not to accept these cookies by configuring your browser accordingly. Not accepting cookies can, however, result in you having no access to some pages of the Albelli website. If you have further questions or requests relating to our data protection policy you can contact hrm@albumprinter.com

Links to third party websites
Links to third party websites are offered solely for the convenience of users and do not imply that Albelli approves of or endorses the linked sites, even though these sites carry the Albelli logo, since Albelli has no say over the content of such sites. Albelli can therefore not be held responsible for the Content of linked sites or the links to be found on them. You are not permitted to create a link on a website to a page on the Albelli website without Albelli’s prior written permission, and you acknowledge that the linking of the Albelli website to other websites (‘framing’) or similar actions are forbidden.

User reactions
Albelli is in no way obliged to check the information that you send to this website. You guarantee that all the information, matter (by the term ‘matter’ is understood all the data, files or other annexes that are sent to us) and responses other than personal data that you send to Albelli via the website do not breach intellectual property rights or any other applicable law.

Applicable law – Severability
Dutch law is applicable to all disputes or claims arising from or relating to these User conditions. Such disputes and claims shall be heard exclusively by the competent court at Amsterdam. If a provision of the User conditions is deemed to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable by a court, this shall not affect the validity and applicability of the other provisions.

Amendment of the User conditions 
Albelli reserves the right to amend the User conditions under which this website is offered at any time and without notice. When you use this site you are automatically bound to these amendments and you should regularly re-read the User conditions.

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